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Bulk Starter Beef Bundle 22 lbs

Bulk Starter Beef Bundle 22 lbs

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Approximately 85 servings of amazing grass-finished Akaushi Beef.

    FREE SHIPPING! We'll 2 day ship it with dry ice to ensure it stays 

    These cattle are regeneratively raised out on diverse pastures, turning healthy plants into a delicious, nutrient dense protein, that has the ability to revitalize your health! In addition to the health benefits of being grass fed and finished, our Akaushi beef has a higher Omega 3 content than other breeds, making it the best choice for your health.

    Our passion is to help families eat confidently, knowing there are NO harmful substances in their meat. We would love to serve you and be the ranch you choose to build a relationship with.


    Your Beginner Beef Package Includes: 22 pounds of!

    • 40% ground American Akaushi grass-finished beef
    • 40% savory cuts: Roasts, packages of stew meat, and beef ribs
    • 20% steaks: Sirloins, T-bones, Ribeyes, may be a few Filets and NY-strips.
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