Revitalize And Regenerate Your Health With Our Anti-Inflammatory Grass Finished Proteins

You're the most IMPORTANT person and you deserve the best, our passion is to provide you with exactly that!


Our Guarantee

We take our job as your Beef and Lamb producer seriously; we want to ensure that every package of Beef or Lamb purchased from us is of the highest quality, void of all the harmful substances of most meat. If our product doesn't meet expectations, we'll gladly make it right!

  • My son really enjoyed your lamb and beef... It was great!! Certainly will be making future orders.

    Derwin, El Paso Tx


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We take great care in preparing and packaging our meat to ensure that it arrives at your door in the same condition as when it left the butcher.

Our meat is flash-frozen to lock in its freshness and nutrients and then carefully packed in a specially designed box with dry ice to maintain its temperature during transit.

You can be rest assured that your meat will arrive at your doorstep frozen and ready to use.

Our Story

It all began when I (Crystal) noticed my blood glucose levels were higher than normal. I tried being careful, eating less sugar and carbs, thinking I was doing well. But each time I tested, it was still bad. "Stricter," I told myself, but it didn't make much difference. Deep down, a terrifying fear lingered—I knew diabetes ran in my family.

Driven by fear, I became even harder on myself, sticking to what I thought was healthy. I felt like I was headed towards a lifetime of health problems. The pit in my stomach grew when the doctor said medication was imminent, and insulin dependence loomed. That's when we turned to a functional medicine doctor and started small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

We discovered that food is our most effective medicine. Now, I don't even stress about testing my blood sugar. We also welcomed two adorable kids, a joy we feared might never happen.

In this journey, we began raising our own beef and lamb. What started as a personal endeavor became a dream to share our clean proteins with like-minded people. We're passionate about regenerative agriculture and nutrient-dense proteins. We invite you to join us on this journey, working with nature instead of against it. Trust us to provide wholesome, quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your beef/lamb organic?

The way we raise our livestock is above and beyond organic standards. We believe in transparency in what you are eating. Organic is just a label, we believe you deserve the best!

Why choose grass-finished beef/lamb?

Grass finished beef/lamb high in healthy omega 3s, which are heart healthy and aid in reducing inflammation.

How are your animals raised?

Our animals are rotationally grazed on diverse pastures of grasses, legumes, and forbs.

Are your products free from antibiotics and hormones?

Yes. Livestock raised entirely on pasture are healthy and don't need much intervention. However if a animal needs some attention that can't be treated holistically we will use antibiotic and take it out of production for our meat business.

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Can I visit the farm?

Yes, we believe in transparency!

Where do you ship?

Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico.

Do you supplement your livestock?

We make our own mineral tubs of redmonds salt,(real salt) redmonds clay, apple cider vinegar, mollasses, and garlic. This aids the animal in removing toxins, mineralizing for more nutrient dense meat, and defending against parasites.

How is Akaushi better?

Akaushi Beef naturally has higher levels of Omega-3s than other beef, and even more so that its grass-finished on clean healthy pastures.